Formal Demonstration Call for Submission


The formal demonstration track aims at creating a highly interactive venue for software engineering  researchers and practitioners to demonstrate their latest experiments and results.  

Two types of demonstrations are in the interest domain of AMECSE 2014; tool-based demonstration and data-set based demonstrations.

Tool-based demonstrations describes either mature tools or early prototypes for tools. The demonstration shall cover the following aspects:

  • Clarify target users
  • Discuss the challenges faced
  • Discuss the methodologies used
  • Present the validation procedures conducted for mature tools, or the validation plans for early prototypes

Data set-based demonstrations shall cover the following aspects:

  • Clarify the rational behind data collection
  • Explain the data collection procedure
  • Discuss how the data has been used and what are the potential future uses for the collected data sets

Note that data sets should be published and publicly available.


How to Submit


All submitted formal demonstration papers must conform to the  submission format and instructions.  

  • A demonstration submission may not exceed 4 pages including all text, references and figures.
  • Submission might be accompanied by a short video (optional between three and five minutes long) illustrating the demonstration. The video should be made available online at the time of submission. Videos should (i) provide an overview of the tool’s capabilities and/or dataset characteristics; (ii) walk through (some of) the tool capabilities and/or data analysis process; (iii) where appropriate, provide clarifying voice-over and/or annotation highlights; and (iv) be engaging and exciting for the watcher!
  • Submission might be accompanies with the actual product and tools.
  • A submission may not have been previously published in a demonstration form.
  • The paper submission must be in PDF.


Formal demonstration papers must be submitted through the EasyChair online submission system. Submissions that adhere to the submission and formatting instructions can be made using the EasyChair link provided here: .

Important Dates

Formal demonstrations must be submitted electronically by the stated deadline.

Formal demonstration submission September 15, 2014
Notification for author September 20, 2014
Camera ready and author registration     September 25, 2014