October 21, 2014 @ 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Marko Balabanovic

Innovation Director, Connected Digital Economy Catapult

Marko BalabanovicMarko is a creative technology leader with over 20 years of experience developing innovations in academia, corporations and startups. Most recently Marko led the technology team at the fast-growing London startup State, launching a global opinion network. Previously, Marko was head of innovation at lastminute.com and Travelocity, improving innovation culture across the European organisation as well as forming the lastminute.com labs team to develop novel products.

Prior to lastminute.com, Marko led the development team at Cellectivity and product design at Betfair. Specialisms have included personalisation, machine learning and interaction design, including some of the early work on recommender systems during a computer science PhD at Stanford, and stints at Xerox and Ricoh R&D labs in Cambridge and Silicon Valley.

Title: From IoT to Personal Data: Opportunities for Data Innovators

The Catapult centers are a major new intervention in the UK’s innovation landscape. I will show how the Digital Catapult is unlocking challenges to accelerate data innovation companies. As we move into the new economies of the Internet of Things we’ll see massive growth in the volume and diversity of data. The already serious challenges facing innovators around personal data, privacy and trust will become ever more complex, especially in areas such as personal health tracking and wearables or city sensor networks. Companies navigating this new world need very multidisciplinary teams to compete globally. I’ll be showing how the platforms, testbeds and labs that the Digital Catapult creates will create new collaborations to overcome these challenges.